I'm struggling with this award.......It's a fabulous one, allthough Orbite has won a few  awards with their technology  thus far.

Does  this mean that they tested the acid recycling unit ? It's not a guarantee.

I'm sure I' 'm not the only one that thinks not since the SP did'nt explode as I think it will when it is proven.

A tip of the hat to all that have been around for the last couple of years and to those that have  made this board interesting  and my deepest sympathy to the death of all  the money that is just about to get absorbed by the game by shorty short pants.

You guys are in for a shock if this jumps to $5 next week because IMO, it certainly could. There are a lot of people waiting on the sidelines that will want to get on board the minute the Orbiter1 is Christened.

Great work RB & Co.

Keep up the fine work.

Can you imagine the reaction on peoples faces when people like the  Jack Liftons of the word put out their thoughts on the complete game chnager that  Orbite is going to be for the various industries that it's tecnology will change..........WOW, this is more exciting than Christmas eve for a 10 year old kid thats been good all year !!  :)   

Rock and roll...........outta here!