Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the local info.

Always good to hear from people close to the source.

Here is how I came to ORT. I owned Consolidated Thompson and one person could see the ore trains from his backyard. As the number of trains increased in accordance with the company's predictions so did the stock price and the company was soon was bought out by Cliffs. Prior to that I owned Western Coal which also was bought out. Then I purchased Copper Mountain which has been somewhat disappointing but has now turned around. One person on the CUM board talked last month about the increased number of concentrate trucks from the mine can be noticed from his home. Good sign I think. A number of people on various boards have mentioned companies they believe have good potential. They do not pump but just list a few facts which can be followed up by DD. Someone mentioned ORT, I believe it was on the CUM board and I did the research. I bought ORT first in June 2012 at 1.80 and have been buying up to 2.83. First hand visibility to the company is very reassuring. Fact that ORT owns the buildings is a big plus as it shows forward looking vision and the number of cars at the plant show they are revving up to produce.  Once the first few months of production are sold and the revenue/profit picture can be known I will be in much bigger. I believe there are lots with the same view. Best to all. Please keep the obervations coming Jeff. Thx.