I started to look at orbite in the summer of 2010. It looked interesting, SP was very low, but there were too many things up in the air at that time, at least for me. I continued to gather information  and finally bought my first batch of shares in February 2011. I have been buying since, last time on the way down, at $2.57. Because I bought at different times and because I got burnt on margin call in the summer of 2011, my current average is at $3.41.

I am very confident in the long term value of my investment in Orbite, so I do not plan to sell anytime soon. I intend to wait until SGA production has started and even then, if the company continues to grow, I may sell just a few and keep the rest for over 6 or 7 years. That is the main reason why I do not get very excited by the current volatility.