I received a 'spam' in my mailbox [2008] about a company toying with a new technology to extract alumina from clays. Before deleting it, I began to realize that almost all of my portfolio was in resource stocks, and some diversification was warranted. So I began to research the company and became very fascinated with the new technology angle. Technology is not a sector that I normally invest in -- I usually try to avoid it because of the enormous amount of time it takes to do proper due diligence. But Orbite had the resource angle, and that "clinched the deal" for me, as the saying goes.

At that time it was trading around $0.07 - 0.10, so I put a bid at $0.08 and got filled over the next several days.

When John Kaiser began following the stock,  [and its subsequent rise to .75-.97], I knew we were on to something special. John sniffed the SM adn REE potential in his initial write up  and tried to squeeze as much details as he could. Orbite management were coy about the SM and REE's and that made me even more excited.

I have been adding to my position ever since, as major milestones have been achieved.

P.S.  I love spam!