My story starts with CLM. In Jan 2011 I had some loose change when Cliffs made their generous offer. I started looking at buying a car and one of my ski buddies lease was about to end on a Subaru Legacy wagon turbo. We started talking about stocks and he mentioned ORT which had looked at Sept-Iles as a site for their pilot plant. That was on a friday. That evening I started my DD with a look at the 43-101.  The potential of the technology was what blew my mind. I placed an order the following Monday before the market opened. The stock was climbing and I didn't get any so on Tuesday morning I made a purchase at market and got in. On Thursday morning they made their announcement about the first ton and away it went.  It didn't take long and I had doubled my money $1.67 to +/- $3.25. Now I thank my friend for his advice and for his car as he allowed me to "pay for it with Orbite". Now I need Orbite to be able to pay the speeding tickets. Orbite is now in each of my 4 accounts at an overall average of about $2.40 for 75,000 shares. I am open to buying more but will not take my average over $3.