Analyst coverage and target prices:(FROM SEPT 2012 )

Mackie: $9 – actively covering the stock and have a “blue-sky” target of $46
Jacobs: $11.20 – Luisa Moreno, Jacob’s analyst covering Orbite is now working for Euro Pacific. I’m not sure if Jacobs still has active coverage.
Jennings: $11.50 – after making Orbite a top pick for 2012, Jennings has been fairly silent on Orbite, the AMF halt likely contributing to this scenario.
M|Partners: $15.00 – had active coverage, but I haven’t seen anything from them lately.
Byron Capital: $0.90 – this sell recommendation from Jon Hykawy caused quite a stir last Spring. It is based on his belief that the SGA technology is inherently risky. He currently doesn’t ascribe any value to Orbite’s HPA business, commenting that such a market doesn’t exist and will be replaced soon by other materials.

are all these targets still current ?