Jeff...I will start

I got involved when the stock was about 40 cents. A friend of mine was a property manager at the time when Orbite was looking for new premises on TC moving from the 1k sq ft on St Jacques in Old montreal.. We talked about it at the time and the concern he had in signing a lease because there was no cash flow . it opened my eyes because of the fact that a company moving from 1k to 8k ft in one swoop and wondered where the growth came from. This was just after their financing so I told him for now they had plenty in the bank. It sparked my interest when I checked into their technology and the potential they had after I looked at the background of some on the board and those that have had interest in the company over the last prior years including the government and alouette and the depth of the BOD.

I concluded that this was more than a resource comany as it turned out, resources was the least of their worries but the technology was well into proving itself at the time and was getting out of the laboratory stage and into the pilotting stage as at the time, they had just got the building for a steal at 300k and converting it into a piloy pklant. So I started in at around 40 cents..

The rest is history really.


Might be an interesting discussion here and bring out some knowledgable posters that triggered their interest and commitment

   Are you standing guard at the gate LOL ??

The rest