AL48 asked:  upndown77: where did you see the 100 share lots ?

I was watching BMO Investorline on Level II.  I have to keep refreshing every 5 seconds or so because it is not continuous.  Asks were being put in below the bids in lots of 100, usually  two levels at once, so that if the last sale was 2.73 and the bid was 2.72, I was seeing asks of 100 shares at $2.71 and 100 at 2.70 which were gobbled up the next time I refreshed, but brought the last sale down to $2.70, only to be corrected when a few seconds later someone bought at $2.73 again.  I'm just using these numbers to illustrate, because I didn't make notes, but this is basically what I recall that I was seeing.