It can be reasonably expected that ORT could go well above its all-time peak fairly rapidly but this time continue an upward trend from solid fundamentals such as HPA Plant coming revenues, 2nd HPA Plant, SGA Plants, etc.


Look at what happened less than one month after the Cap-Chat Pilot Plant produced its first tonne of alumina and that the company announced they identified rare earth elements in Grande-Vallée deposit ($5.69, April 12, 2011), then deteriorating market conditions and shorting got into action.   Despite this, the Company has made numerous giant steps since then (they have demonstrated REE/RM extraction rates, they will produce scandium and gallium this year, are able to produce 6N high-purity alumina, almost complete SGA Plant engineering and BFS, will produce high-purity silica, have built their first HPA Plant in record time, will soon increase their resources again - from the 9x larger added claims/land, etc.). 


The new HPA Plant (Cap Chat) just built and with its high-purity alumina production will be another extremely significant and ultimate confirmation that Orbite can deliver what they say and that their outstanding business plan WILL materialize.  Significant share price increase from resource value that will materialize and proven & demonstrated technology (patents) value alone, then expected revenues and phenomenal growth.


Now with people around the world knowing about Orbite, when this starts to really fly, it will be mostly immune to shorts because they will have in fact to cover and trigger further increase. Worst scenario for them: rather rapid Market fair valuation that realizes what the Short Interests were saying was pure BS for their own agenda.  And if takes more time, it takes more time.  But normally, anticipation is a big driver in stock Market... and everybody wants its share of success.  When you line up all of the news and connect the dots, you know success is already right there. Now, the proof is about to be given to everybody.


Patience and accumulation.  Reward will be beyond any expectation.








  The 2.65 is only the price at which Short Interests, in average, are s
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