Aluminum price is up.

Although not directly related to high-purity alumina that will be produced in the HPA Plant in Cap-Chat, this is very good news since the smelter grade alumina (that will be produced in future SGA Plant) should follow the aluminum price.  This direclty increases the SGA Plant NPV value, and thus Orbite value.  Another good reason for a share price climb. 


High-purity alumina sells for $40,000 to $250,000 per ton for 6N purity levels and up to $500,000 for 6N specific crystalline form that Orbite should be able to produce.  Orbite mentioned their HPA Plant will be focusing on 5N and 6N high-purity alumina.


Aluminum price is back to levels (look at the 6-month graph) when Orbite share price peaked to 3.93 in mid September, just before the Shorts started an intense shorting and bashing campaign after trigerring Stop loss orders.  Since then, they have increased their short position (and risks) by more than 50%.