Near term catalysts are imminent.


Shorts are desperately trying for approx. 9 months to create conditions for covering but are just increasing their exposure to short squeeze.  Their stubbornness is about to end.  Share price is increasing despite their artificial pressure but kept at lower level.  Standby for the lift-off.


Yes, I've been saying this for a few months but now, we have a HPA Plant ready to rev and deliver commercial high-tech product. 


The shorts are saying for months the stock worth nothing.  So the long waiting period is about to change mode drastically. 


Today, we can expect they will  try to short as much as they can and spread their BS again and again on this board, but when they realize they are outnumbered by the longs and the Market, they will have no other choice than to cover.  We can expect a solid ramping up for the coming days/weeks.


Just in case, remove stop loss orders because they will do EVERYTHING to try to trigger them.


The fight is on.





Seems to have been compromised. Now as I realize that with such a large short position they may do this to create a sell off tpo cover

Near term catalysts are how close ?