Everything is in place for huge success.


Let the short interests/bashers do their little show, it is good for their ego.  Where is the $0.90 they are impatiently waiting for while they have doubled their short positions?  Despite this intense badmouthing, bashing, and shorting , the share price increased by 58% since year low, not too good for them...  They are desperately continuing shorting because covering would trigger a historical Stampede.  But at some point, they will have no other choice than to cover.  And we are very close to that point.  Of course current Orbite share price is not reflecting at all company's fair value, but one can expect this is about to change drastically.


Today's closing price is good for their ego but means nothing, because when Orbite delivers what they have promised, they will be back in extremely perilous position (actually, they are already into such position). 


Thank you to all Longs for your contribution to this board and straightening the facts when required.  I think we are a good group of passionate people that are digging and finding a lot of relevant and useful information.  Remember, good stocks are bashed, so Orbite must be a very very good one.

I think future looks very good for Orbite shareholders.


Happy New Year!




Go away! One thing the short interests are forgetting in their self
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