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One thing the short interests are forgetting in their self-dialogue (paid) is that they are basing all their of thinking on failure and deception whereas Orbite is a series of outstanding successful development and that the main event is about to occur (production of high-purity alumina from their first commercial HPA Plant in Cap Chat).  Production of high-purity alumina without red mud generation, in a closed-loop system, in a clean/green way and with lower productions costs than current producers. 


High-purity alumina that will be produced at that HPA Plant is dedicated to high-tech market and is a growing demand product mainly produced in China and Japan.  Price is $40,000 to $250,000 per ton, depending on purity levels (4N, 5N, 5N5, 6N, etc.) but also several other factors (we can see $500,000 per ton for 6N high-purity alumina (FOB China) of a particular crystalline structure which Orbite should be able to produce).


Maybe the paid bashers should stop humiliating themselves here in trying to pretend they know what they are doing.  They are clueless and desperate and their only way to prevent having to cover in catastrophic manner is to increase their risks over and over by shorting more until their cable snaps. 


No serious investor will be naive enough to listen to any of the "wisdom" and questions, air concerns and all of the BS they are spreading here.  Orbite is largely devaluated in most part because of the shorts persistence on this stock and despite this, we've seen share price sustained upward trend since mid May low.  +60% since then despite almost doubling short positions (now at 12.2M).   It doesn't take much to definitely break the resistance they are applying. 


Actually, short interests are most probably ready to short the max. they can to try capping share price again; but this time, there is too much on the table for the longs and institutional investors that are believing into Orbite success and supporting it, and also Market will want its share of the success and being short is being on the very wrong side for a company like Orbite.


Success cannot be denied





HPA1 - HPA Plant Cap Chat
The countdown is on. HPA Plant production is imminent. With
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