Dilution for SGA Plant = unlikely

JV @ 50% = 125 M Rusal, 125 M Nalco or other partners; 250 M Orbite - financing/loan with proven HPA and mini SGA running + revenues from HPA Plant(s).

One SGA Plant brings an additional $15 min. value ($15 to $41 at 10% discount rate) increase per share per SGA Plant (including 50% JV, sharing 50% of the alumina revenues with JV partners). 

And should there be some well managed dilution, there will also be significant Company value increase and overall, it  will result into net share value increase. 


At least now it is clear roadtologic-ninus-intofailure-stanleytool-jailtrader is a pure basher for his shorting customer(s) and will never acknowledge Orbite is about to revolutionize the industry of smelter grade alumina, high-purity alumina, high-purity silica (extra fine silica from their clay), rare eath and rare metals, create new green businesses (Red Mud, Fly Ash).  Whatever you tell them, they will always have new false debate, distorted logic and constant denigrating comments about Orbite and long shareholders that mostly composes this board.


Orbite should produce alumina with their newly built HPA Plant imminently.  This is what I call DELIVERED RESULTS.  BUILT PLANT, ready to fire-up.  No, I won't follow roadtofailure's "wisdom", bashing for months under multiple aliases for a clear agenda: trying to make some pennies shorting Orbite. Now openly pompomming for the Short's cause.  How pathetic!


Blindly believing?  I have probably dug deeper than most people to get estimate of the company value.

I have presented estimate for both HPA and SGA Plants based on realistic assumptions and including all info available up to now (ahead of analysts who have not yet started considering the HP-silica into their analyses, neither the 20% Opex reduction or REE/RM extraction rate increase for example).  This is normal since they have to wait for the BFS, but this is not preventing us from making our own calculation and estimates, based on available information and keeping in mind those numbers are indicative, not absolute.  And the numbers are outstanding. Please have a look at the 2 links to these estimates at the bottom of the post below: 

Merry Christmas to all Longs. Shorts, you'd better turn Long asap b
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HPA Plant producing & running will be the ultimate validation that all these numbers are for real.  


Success cannot be denied.





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I do not usually short stocks because of the risk to ..bite the bullet.

sh-ORTing however is a different story. My hypothesis is that they will not be able to generate any HPA revenue throughout 2013. If that proves true, they are pennystock and I can cover almost free of charge. If they succeed (imho against all odds), the day will come, when I am shaken out of my margin and lose everything....
I am prepared to take some imho well known risk.


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Much you have to learn, Alumina1.

Blindly believing in PROMISES ignoring the absence of DELIVERED RESULTS is not an investment strategy I can recommend.

When I was younger, I was a believer like you. Trapped in psycho- and pokerstock. Trying to pump it on internet boards. Making up explanations for why it is undervalued and destined to go up. Spinning conspiracy theories around certain Bay Street houses.....ultimately I lost big.