Getting a little ahead of your selves I think, worrying about dilution and there is not even a feasibility study out.  Although it does suggest that you are confident that the process is going to work.  

The red mud lakes are full,  permits for new lakes or expanding current lakes are harder and harder to come by.  Now your have a better way to produce alumina which looks to be much cheaper especially when you leave the costs the red mud remediation out of your cost of production. (don't forget there are valuable by products).  The only reason  the Orbite process will not be implemented is if does not work period.  Oil sands were too costly not to long ago, shale oil un extractable,  the need for a better way will win out in the end. 

Letting the market wreck this company with cheap dilution would be stupid, Understand what is at stake and what the prize is,   if the share dilution is managed properly and not used to curry favor with slimy banksters so they can be bailed out from  their stupid  mistakes would help keep the share price higher and in turn cause less dilution.  

Why the shorts and  bashers constantly harp on these meaningless metrics and think that they are right is beyond me, well beside the obvious,  they are greedy manipulative duchebags that care nothing for the company and grovel at the feet of the money gods for a pittance of mercy for their miserable pathetic lives.

The business world would kill and eat this company in a heart beat given the opportunity, lets not let that happen.