I don't mind shorts, as long as they are fair! Heck! I could even believe you and could take you more seriously! It is called expressing a balance opinion on any matter! It entrenches others' opinions as well, although it is hard to know who started it! :) Clearly, Orb. has delivered many times in the past! Maybe the "pumpers" set a date that Orb. wasn't comfortable with! But, Orb. did deliver with the pilot plant! Shorts should mention that! Orb. did invite Rusal and Nalco to sign MOUs! No one can deny that! Sure, one can minimize all of these events, but to not mention them is playing dirty! Orb. has mentioned that the commissioning is coming in and around this time. Maybe on Dec. 31! We know they are close! It could happen on Jan 1 too! Would that represent a major faux-pas on the construction of this kind of a building with this kind of technology? But, Orb. has stated what is happening and what will happen shortly:


"Initiation of the commissioning is an important milestone for the high-purity alumina (HPA) plant. As a result, we expect to achieve initial production in the near term and commercial production, as planned, for the start of Q2 2013. Once in commercial operation, the HPA plant should effectively demonstrate the processes of the smelter-grade alumina (SGA) plant, which is currently in the Feasibility Study stage", stated Richard Boudreault, President and CEO of Orbite.

Orbite's engineering team is following a detailed 720-step plan to complete pre-operational verification and commissioning. The initial production capacity is expected to gradually increase from less than 1 tonne per day of 4N to 6N HPA at the beginning of Q1 2013 to 3 tonnes per day by mid-2013 and to 5 tonnes per day by the end of 2013. Part of the equipment in the plant has already been provisioned to a production capacity of 5 tonnes per day. This ramp-up schedule could potentially be accelerated if initial customer demand exceeds expectations."