Luisa Moreno is not accounting for high-purity silica in her conservative analysis, which is fine at this point.  But this doesn't prevent us from anticipating and evaluating these numbers.  Plus, I said in my previous post to cut the number in half if not accounting for HP-silica = 7.50 = approx. Luisa Moreno target price.  Even at that price target = VAPORIZED SHORTS.  But it worth significantly more.  x2 for another HPA Plant, and x2 for HP-Silica... Another $15 min. per SGA Plant, Red Mud, Fly Ash... Etc. Etc. 



By the way, what you are saying (that ORT would tank if SGA would be put aside) is like saying you would get burnt if the snow would be hot.  False debate, distorted logic.


When I read the numerous comments I get from people from this board, it is far from the adjectives you are using for me.  Maybe you should look at yourself in the mirror while repeating these adjectives at least twice.



  P.S. Thank you SunCash for your post - maybe you should post more often;)


moreno is an excellent analyst..her 8 dollar target is more than fair at this point....under promise overdeliver...


she has said a takeover is a distinct possibility...if you ask me, it will come BEFORE rusal and orbite sign....which means we are in the zone now for the next 3-6 months...


it would be awesome if alcoa jumped in...although the russia china combo has much more need and I think global reach...orbite is truly in the position of being kingmaker in both the alumina and rare earth sectors...whoever gets the prize first....but- as moreno correctly points out, the tech has to work first.


as for alumina1, 15 bucks on just 1 hpa is just irresponsible....just like dayofreckoning is a blight on this board, so is alumina1 in the opposite way...they are 2 sides of the same coin.....