Merry Christmas to all Longs.  


Shorts, you'd better turn Long asap because you will get vaporized.  This stock will 2x, 3x + in no time and the irony is that it is because of your arficial and continuous pressure you've applied on it over the last several months.  An enormous quantity of energy will be released when your stretched and fatigued cable snaps.  Despite this short pressure and shy Market, the stock is progressing and is really about to lift-off.  Because of this and all accumulated positive news and development, the $7-10 range could be much closer than one can imagine.  Yes, don't be shy, and even at these levels the SP still has a lot of room to expand.


The Brainwasher/Dumping Gang from Short Interests have succeeded in putting market to sleep, but Orbite will wake it up.   This Stock worth significantly MORE...


Why the Shorts are doing this badmouthing campaign: because above approx. $2.64, they are losing approx. $150,000 per cent of share price increase.    Shorting Era is ending because the risk is getting too high for them.  Even with desperate moves like latest "report" from Hyk-y.  Institutional investors are not dumb!  Covering 12-15 M short positions is not an easy task on a stock that has such strong fundamentals, even if you have a gang of Dumpers/Brainwashers working on it.  It might be also because it allows skimming  shares out of the weak hands at cheap price to slowly but surely load up their main/ Long accounts...  Bottom line: don't get fooled by their smoke show.


HPA Plant is about to rev, it is a matter of  days/hours now!   Process loop almost ready.


Realistic Estimates 

$ 15.05 per HPA Plant ($7.84 when considering only HP-alumina)

$ 15+ per SGA Plant (lowest line of the sensitivity analysis in my link below,  including 50% of alumina revenues shared to JV partners - only for 1st Plant, probably not required for the next ones).  


Orbite will become the leader in REE/RM production, lowest cost SGA, HPA, HP-silica, Red Mud and Fly Ash business - clean and low-cost technology,  fully patent-protected technology (latest news reinforce this), huge ressource.  Do the the math and wake up.


If you have not already read this, please take the time to examine it.   It is providing realistic estimate of what can be expected from the BFS with all the data available so far (SGA Plant).  Please also have a look at the last link in this same post (at the very end, above the picture of the NaOH truck) is the latest estimate for the HPA Plant using 220M shares, and you will note my purity level estimates were right on (Orbite mentioned in their latest press release they will be focusing on 5N and 6N - which is a significant news - Dec. 18 Press release:  " Orbite intends to focus principally on the market for 5N and 6N HPA, which is of higher value than the 4N market."- ; I have used 30% 4N, 60% 5N, and 10% 6N HP-alumina) - in fact, they might produce more 6N than I thought (expect even better numbers). 

Here is finally my first estimate of the SGA NPV (Net Prese
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Analysts are starting the coverage slowly, but they will have to increase their price target on the way up... 

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The big guys want all of your shares. They are working on your patience and psychology.  If you can, continue to accumulate.