These are the cowardly greedy  scumbags  that have been manipulating this SP for yonks.......They  have no  balls! They hide behind the ANON blind  so that can't  complain to the  regulators. IMO, if everyone would know who these ANON MM, regulators would'nt have a choice but to do something because people would call foul so many time that they would have to investigate their shananigans

There is so much corruption on this market that the regulators can't catch them all because they are understaffed. Making this available would probably crash the market for the amount of investigations they'd have to do.

I watched a show the other night about fraud in the United States, it seems that there is only 5% of fraud that are investigated !  How is the market any different whaen you give them carte blanche and a HFT comptuter to help them along?

Today was another 001 MM extravaganza...........too bad we could'nt hire independant investigators to unveil it all to put an an end to it .  Hey  you only have to do it a few times and the others would think about it twice before doing it. Maybe they should do the same here as they do for catching those sicko's on the would be just as easy..........and economically justifiable.


OKAY, thats my rant for the day, tchit to do,  

Have a great night............

Dont forget to buy something nice for your mamas..........