DayOfReckoning, I saw alot of inept bashers over the years on the bullboards. Perhaps you have to do this here to get your money? ... sitting somewhere in a room with some others ... life can be hard.


Anyway, Orbite don't have to repeat the figures each week. There is alot of information that was published over the last month, available to all. Also interviews on YouTube. Orbite did a good job on its way. Do you really think the last steps will not accomplished? ... Any proof for your assumptions? ... you were on site? ... you proofed the numbers? ... you spoke with the management and also their business partners?


The chart looks great, nice uptrend ... and what's even more important for me, a break out is immiinent ... let's go into spring ... great rise ahead.


Why are you here when you don't see any bargain in this stock? ... are you the savier of mankind, the one on which we have waited so long? ... wow, you just arrived in time before Christmas.