Very Important points in Commissioning announcement:

"Once in commercial operation, the HPA plant should effectively demonstrate the processes of the smelter-grade alumina (SGA) plant, which is currently in the Feasibility Study stage", stated Richard Boudreault,"

Since the SGA plant uses the same type of equipment as the HPA plant and basically the SGA plant is a combination of 10 HPA  size type plants in one the functioning of the SGA will be further derisked by a properly functioning HPA plant.

"Orbite intends to focus principally on the market for 5N and 6N HPA, which is of higher value than the 4N market."

This is a srtong hint they have solid customers for 5N and 6N HPA. Great for the bottom line

Orbite also anticipates the production of gallium and scandium oxides once a recovery circuit is completed in mid-2013.

The HPA plant, this coming year will validate ORBITE's ability to produce valuable Rare Earths.They will be the first in North America to do so.

"This insurance will provide Orbite with additional strength against would-be infringers of our intellectual property around the globe thus resulting in increased shareholder value", stated Richard Boudreault.

No Need for further comment

With the commissioning we are brought a step closer to being the first in over 125 years to replace the toxic red mud Bauxite Process. In a few weeks ORBITE makes history as a true game changer.