Roche engineering firm independently chosen by the AMF

along with Genivar both 43-101 recognized engineering firms

along with other top scientific companiesaround the world have verified 

Orbite's Patents and ability to extract Alumina and rare earths

 very economically and with no environmental footprint .

Orbite has produced 70 tons of HPA under commercial cconditions in 

their pilot plant proving already their ability supply, economically, HPA.

The new plant is state of the art facility which will improve production significantly 

and result in producing HPA more profitably. Right now I am pretty sure aall will go 

as planned. We know commissioning is iminent  which will result in a higher

SP and an avalanche of institutional buying when a JV, MOU, Offtake agreement,

licensing deal, customers for HPA etc. are announced. Cheers