The new employees of Orbite will work in a very dangerous environment. A lot of a lot of acid all around with some  vessels at high pressure.

Orbite has no choice to follow the rules of security. Every detail is crucial.

What will happen if one single employee is severely wounded, or worse killed, because he didn't notice the mal-functionning of an apparatus? Who will be responsible for that: Orbite first.

And employee could even sue the company saying that he wasn't sufficiently trained. How to garantee a sufficient formation? School with a good diploma at the end.

Orbite cannot wait one year before producing.

I sympathize with the workers who have lost their jobs, hoping temporarily. Few of them could be hired as janitors, certainly not with the same salary.

That's the hard reality and I wouldn't like to be at their place.

I can just hope that Orbite will do all his possible to hire every laid-off employee who will obtain the diploma with a good mention.