Did you ever hear the saying ... engage brain before opening your mouth!


What have you done for shareholders lately?


Its all about rights, in this case shareholders rights, the AMF MISSION is to protect shareholders and the public, something they fail at time and time again. Does the Orbite cease trade / AMF saga come to mind?


I represent not only Raymor shareholders, but BioSyntech, Inc. shareholders as well as some creditors. I am also one of the bankruptcy inspectors in the Biosyntech Canada file (a wholly owned subsidiary of BioSyntech, Inc.). BioSyntech, Inc., 3,000 shareholders and their families that lost $76M in a dubious creditor proposal (which they never made) and led to a dubious bankruptcy. The acquiring company from India (shareholder and Board member) purchased BioSyntech, Inc. for approx. $4.5M, the day after the transaction closed, they issued a press release indicating the BST-CarGel market was worth $500M. BioSyntech, Inc. placed themselves under BIA protection approximately 1-2 months prior to issuing clinical trial 3 final results (interim results were statistically significant). The word about the company and the market, issuing the final clinical results valued BioSyntech at $400M.


Isn't it funny, you appear to be stalking me, when I post you appear out of the woodwork and post a reply shortly afterwards. One of the long ORT shareholders mentioned that you have a hard on for me. LOL


I guess you won't take me up on my offer to call me to get what is bothering you off your chest...no surprise there, continue hiding behind your keyboard.


BTW, you don't do justice to Arkansas with your nickname and the quality of your posts.


And what does the quantity of Orbite shares have to do with anything?


Good luck to all,



PS. I am indirectly protecting your shareholders rights as well.  My shareholders rights efforts are voluntary without remuneration, in the case of Raymor I have been working on the file for 3 years and the BioSyntech file 2.5 years.




D'Alesio a quick search on  the info you provided shows a person who might feel personally ripped off more than a person who cares about others 'shareholder rights'.  how much did you personally lose on that whole fiasco?  


Howmany orbite shares or orbite do you own I bet it's only 10,000 shares. 


-------> go razorbacks!