I am glad you have a perfectly clear conscience.


What you fail to see, or it just suits your purpose, is the fact that one can read Stockhouse posts without creating an account. Many individuals read posts yet do not post themselves. New name registered for just 1 DAY, could be questionable, however, in this case Neo_Investor is a friend of mine.


"folks, if you cant smell BS like this fool 'neo' is doling out, well, then I guess you will believe anything...." Actually Antoninus, you are the one trying to get shareholders and potential shareholders to believe anything, wonder why you got nicknamed Ninny or whatever else. So whom is dolling out the BS??


In my case, I have been using the same pseudonym since 1998 or 1999, in fact not a pseudonym at all as dalesio is my family name. And this I have shared many times over the years.


As for my credibility, I believe Stockhouse members believe me credible, I work daily on protecting shareholders rights. That being said I attended the Quebec National Assembly this past Tuesday when my Raymor Industries shareholder petition was presented before the Assembly. One of the items being requested - To establish an independent public investigation into the AMFconcerning the disputed privatization of Raymor. 8,000 Raymor shareholders and their families lost $30M in a dubious privitization. In Quebec, Raymor is second only to Norbourg which had 9,000. The link to access and read the petition in French and English is as follows:


Examen de la privatisation de Raymor et protection des petits actionnaires 


Review of the Raymor privatization and protection of small shareholders


Good luck to all,



PS. Antoninus, no need to respond to the above as it would be more of the same from you.




you've been on stockhouse using other names? why? i have had 1 name for 10 yrs and NEVER E3VER felt the need to change names...let alone to do it repeatedly as you openly say you have done....


and why is your new name now registered for just 1 DAY, and yet, as you tell us,  you have been here behind the scenes watching orbite for over a year????


folks, if you cant smell BS like this fool 'neo' is doling out, well, then I guess you will believe anything....


again, my conscience is perfectly clear.


I want management to do their job, underpromise and overdeliver.