This guy doesn't stand up to a micro-second of scrutiny.  (i don't know why i waste my time.)


Electrowing, its important to counter these penny arcade bashers from time to time, as this demonstrates to them the degree of dd that Orbite shareholders have attained. Truth be told, however, they do not stand up to our level by any stretch of the imagination. They lack mettle. They are afraid to engage in spirited debate with the intent to discover knowledge or truth that would benefit the world. They are agenda driven and will only pose questions with the specific intend to sow doubt.

They read the same company news releases  that Orbite shareholders do. Yet, they pretend they are not convinced. How can they, when they have an agenda.  A wise man once remarked, "a man, convinced against his will, is of the same opinion, still*" While Franklin probably had in mind a person of an obstinate nature, in this case, we can substitute 'will' with 'agenda'.

Many thanks for your spirited efforts to counter them. Your efforts demonstrate the 
"chimps for chump change" that they are.

* Benjamin Franklin