These MOUs are still working, though not nearly priced into the convertible debenture mark at $3.50... According to RoadWreck, we hear only "crickets" out of Russia and India.  I guess he was referring to Stephen Harper and Vladimir Putin ("crickets"):  

"Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who will discuss with [Putin] a recent agreement between the Russian non-ferrous metals producer RUSAL and the Canadian company Orbit Aluminum, which plan building a joint factory to produce alumina."

~ from the ITAR-TASS News Agency of Russia (Sept 2012):|

"An OLI [Orbite] official also indicated that India’s National Aluminum Company (Nalco) was also in the process of negotiating a transfer of technology."

~ from AGMINER Trade News of India (released today, Dec 12):

They can walk us down to the 200-day moving average (in this weak macro-market) but the fundamentals have changed radically this quarter ~ it's $4 time now, in a heartbeat.