In his excellent post with detailed facts and information including source info, MonteCristo also added his opinion regarding share price as follows:

"Just my view an my opinion on the sp:
Next few weeks, it can only go up. Only go up. Then maybe some volatily and downside or channeling in Jan and Feb maybe March, then march-April-May, we are all set up. We lose or we are rich. I believe we'll be richer."

I agree with the yellow highlight.

I disagree wth red highlight.

I believe that it will go down modestly in the short term, because, to put it bluntly, people are not being smart.  Everyone is waiting for the rush.  People will sit on their hands until the rocket-like increase, and then rush to get in and jump on the bandwagon, steepening the share price increase.  Instead of slowly building a position while the prices are more modest and before the whole world knows the secret, they'll wait and then they'll cry.  And right after they buy, at the temporary high, the price will pull back because some savvy investors see an opportunity to take some profit... at which point, our new investors who have by now held this stock for almost ten hours, and seeing a pull-back insead of the meteoric increase they expected, will sell and sustain a loss (because who could expect them to wait around for a day or two for some profit)...and right after they do that, it will start to climb back again... and our ex-investor will cry that "it's so unfair", "why doesn't someone do something about it and the game is rigged".

The price will go down short-term, though only modestly, because everyone is waiting for the next catalyst.   It happened on November 30th when the debenture issue was NR'd (22 cent increase).  It happened on September 14th when QE3 was announced (up 37 cents) just after ORT got its QX listing (up 19 cents on September 10th). 

It's much easier to gripe about how unfair the world is than to research, come up with a firm impression upon which to base your investment decision, and then to commit your capital. The share price is not going up because more people see the opportunity to sell at prices that give them a profit on their prior decision to buy at say $2.20, than are prepared to buy now so that they can be the ones taking a profit later (or holding on for the biggger returns).

People would rather sell or hold on to their investment capital because some moron like Post2006 says "$2.35 is coming",rather than buy because MonteCristo gives them sound reasons to believe that this company is going to succeed in a big way.  Sad!