Hello everyone,


I've been with Stockhouse (using other names)  for over 10 years and I've enjoyed being in the background for over one year on this B.B.

I decided today to start posting whenever I get the itch. Upon seeing the name Antoninus I quickly remembered a paranoid poster manipulating and distorting facts and messing up posters on a B.B. 10 years ago by the name of  TM BIOSCIENCE. Refrain from letting him (Antoninus) into your inner circle as some of the respected posters on this board have already done.  He is not to be trusted under any circumstance and never befriend him... he is not a team player but a basher one day and a pumper another making you believe many things and nothing at the same time.

Over the years, I've learned that pumpers/bashers such as Antoninus don't change. Simply look at his past and you will see the manipulative posts and his ruthless dealings with everyone who crosses his path. I have NO respect for people who behave like him. If history repeats itself, he'll have many names on this board.  

Never trust or reveal anything to Antoninus, he did not change and will not change for anyone.


Best piece of advice, try never to reply to him.


His past is finally catching up to him :)


P.S. Orbite will be a great investment...simply wait until February or March  ;)