All right.  I went down a not so good road there.  And I'm being just as tenacious, with no let up, ;-).


What I will agree to is that you and I clearly have different interpretations of what was said in the video.  I definitely see them discussing 2013 in terms of the HPA plant, but I also see a transition to a new question and answer around the 2 minute mark; you see no such transition.  Fair enough. 


You have also stated your estimate, with what you say is a backing from Luisa Moreno, about what numbers for 2013 are.  Outside of the video, different estimates have been made, including the 5 tpd by the end of 2013, mentioned in the very recent Nov. 14th NR, but I also have a lot of respect for Luisa Moreno, and she may have made a recent conclusion along the lines you mention.  So, with that discrepancy in mind, I have no call on that, and am glad to leave that open.


Sorry folks, not my best day, ;-).