One aspect that never seems to be put into the financing picture is that once the process is entirely proven and generating monthly cash at a very healthy profit margin, the clay resource becomes an incredibly high value asset to put as collateral. (As I said elsewhere, from DIRT to RICHES)


Even if you put only $10 per tonne value on the clay, the single Marin sector would be valued to 10 billion dollars.
The sale value that Orbite might get from one tonne is about $200 if I'm not mistaken, based on annual sales of approximately $500M and 2.5M tonnes extracted. That would be... 200 billions. Marin sector alone...

And this will all be true and fact in a few weeks.


I can't imagine that they would have difficulty to find the 100-150 $M needed, especially if the BFS is on the same high quality level as the PEA. Remember someone - was it Knox or an analyst? - saying the PEA was a mega one, approaching the size order of a full FS.
Even more so with the Québec govt insisting on Investissement Québec and Caisse de Dépot putting more money in developing Québec industries, and the new financial incentives.