2012: a year of results for green business Orbit and lasting benefits for Gaspésie

Montreal (Quebec), December 3, 2012 - Orbit Aluminae inc. (TSX: ORT / OTCQX: EORBF) ("Orbit" or the "Company") wishes to provide an update on its proposed high-purity alumina (HPA) in Cap-Chat. Since May 2012, up to 120 workers are activated directly on the construction site of the factory clean technology for the production of high-purity alumina in Cap-Chat especially for new energy sector. These direct jobs related to construction, the vast majority (80%) comes from the region. If one considers indirect jobs qu'entrainent this site is more than 250 people who take advantage of the benefits of this project.

These economic benefits are also reflected in the area of ??accommodation, catering and a variety of amenities at Cap-Chat and its surroundings. Since his arrival in Gaspé is over $ 50 million invested with his Orbite pilot plant and factory conversion of high purity. This new plant reaching four floors with a floor area of ??over 2900 square meters is probably the largest industrial project with high technological content in the Gaspé Peninsula for the past 25 years.

Commissioning of the plant HPA: permanent skilled jobs safe

Currently, nearly 30 highly skilled employees and permanent orbit preparing for the commissioning of the plant. Nearly 60% of the workforce comes from the East-du-Québec. By early 2013, twenty employees will join the current team. In this regard, job opportunities are posted on our website. Cap-Chat and area, it is a minimum wage of more than $ 3,000,000 to be paid annually (representing a salary of more than 2.5 times higher than the average wage in the region). The arrival of new households resulting rental homes and houses, purchase of properties, goods and services, etc.. Orbit thus contributes to the revitalization of local communities affected by the long economic and demographic decline.

For plant operations, different suppliers in the region will benefit from the presence of Orbit (security, energy, maintenance and repair, etc.).. In addition to 50 direct jobs by specialty high levels at the plant over thirty jobs will be maintained and / or created from these suppliers of goods and services.

To provide an opportunity for the regional population access to those jobs that will be offered high pay orbit in the coming years, a training program will be offered by Groupe Collegia in winter 2013 (see collegia.qc . ca, operation and control of industrial processes) in collaboration with the MRC Haute-Gaspésie and the city of Cap-Chat. The training will be able to apply Gaspé on these technical positions while enjoying greater autonomy in hiring. The purpose of the training is to provide the scientific and technical knowledge for the safe operation of the plant HPA. Sustainability of regional economic development is first and foremost by the human resources and that is why Orbit is involved with local governments to provide training to people from the Gaspé next January. The training program will enable the region to maximize its economic impact and its development.

The arrival of the Gaspé Peninsula orbit causes the formation and development of new skills in the field of high technology and stimulates the return of young people in the Gaspé. On the other hand, the arrival of orbit could cause in an area related to the high-purity alumina, construction and building a new cluster and high-tech industrial sector in the Gaspé area dedicated to crystals artificial sapphires for the manufacture of LED lights. In addition, the plant HPA is equivalent in size from a tenth of the future plant SGA. It thus serves to validate the technology and its social acceptability in Gaspésie.

Example young people return to their region

Among our specialized production operators, Orbit has hired a young graduate from the region, Mr. Mathieu Harvey. Throughout my technical training in chemical processes in Montreal, the idea of ??going in my area has disappeared. The plant start-Orbit Aluminae gave me a part of me find a challenging job in my field of study and secondly, to be closer to my family and my friends. I can once again enjoy all the outdoor activities I enjoy, I enjoy living and contribute to its development. I am very happy to be part of this great industrial development project in my home region.

Intensive drilling campaign on the Grande-Vallée property and Sainte-Madeleine-de-la-Rivière-Madeleine

The side of the foreshore in 2012 drilling took place during a period of three months on the Grande-Vallée property. This drilling resulted in spinoffs in the sector, including the company Drilling Dibar Ste-Anne-des-Monts who made this work and for geophysical Géosig. More than a dozen workers have stayed in the middle (accommodation, catering, etc.).. Side of orbit, the Company leases office space, a warehouse (core library) and residential properties, has hired two geologists, an operator, a field technician and a graduate of secondary school V Esdras Minville Great Vallee. Finally, Orbit has outsourced maintenance of certain forest roads, forest activities (cooperative sector development), manufacture of equipment for the storage of drill cores, etc.. For 2011-2012 in the area of ??foreshore is more than $ 1.5 million Orbite invested directly in the middle.

Finally, in 2012, Orbit has invested nearly $ 100,000 in the region, notably through its community investment policy. In the education sector, over $ 12,000 has been invested for the award of scholarships in all secondary schools in Cap-Chat in the Gaspé and for the improvement of educational and sports infrastructure of primary schools and side of Cap-Chat and Great Valley (schoolyards, sports equipment, etc.).. More than $ 15,000 were distributed in all three host communities (Cap-Chat, Great Valley and Ste-Madeleine) to improve the lives of their families. More than $ 10,000 were also distributed in the cultural sector, including $ 5000 to the Fund-Dan Gaudreau. Finally, Orbit assists users of the land near the mine site to improve their recreational and outdoor.

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About Orbit

Orbit Aluminae Inc.. Inc. is a Canadian holder of green and sustainable technologies that are unique in the process of setting new standards in the aluminum industry. These technologies enable the extraction of metallurgical alumina (SGA), high purity alumina (HPA) and other high-value products, such as land and rare metals from various sources such as clay alumina and bauxite, without generating any red mud is a toxic residue associated with the Bayer process traditionally used. Orbit also holds the intellectual property rights on its unique alumina extraction classified into thirteen distinct families around the world. The Company also owns 100% mineral rights to a total of 585 km2 including its Grande-Vallée property of 33.4 km2, site of aluminous clay deposit located in Quebec, Canada. The latest report 43-101 Reviewed Preliminary Economic Assessment dated 30 May 2012 sets the amount of indicated mineral resources in part of the deposit of 1.04 billion tonnes of aluminous clay (see press release of 31 May 2012 for a detailed description of the resource). Orbit ensures currently converting its pilot plant with an area of ??2600 m2 factory production of high purity alumina in Cap-Chat, Quebec, Canada, with operations expected to begin in early 2013. The Company also expects to begin construction of the smelter plant in late 2013. Offer its orbit metallurgical alumina and high purity alumina, in addition to license its technology to qualified producers wishing to reduce their environmental impact. The Company has also signed MOUs with several major aluminum producers in the world, UC RUSAL. Orbit has recently released a series of white papers on business opportunities of its technology in the production of alumina and extraction of rare metals, available on its website:


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