This is not spam. I am a regular follower of this board and investor of Orbite and usually dont comment on boards but feel that I have too.  No one will disagree that Orbite is a stock with that is being played by traders; both institutional and individual. Orbite is also a company that has no revenues to date. There is a lot of uncertainty and really no one can say that orbite is a sure thing. However, that does not mean that the stock is a dud as dayofreckoning or kherson or whoever keep implying. I also do not think it makes sense touting how you may be making $1200 on dividends; its an apples to oranges comparison at best. Yes microsoft can be compared to GE now but would you have compared the two companies in the 80's; NO. That is because microsoft was a small company with a great idea and concept at that date.

So how does one determine if a company has value when it has no revenues to date.

Has the management delivered thus far? Personally, I would give the managment team an -A. They have had some gaffes but ultimately deliver things on schedule.

Is it a proven process? We know that it works on a small scale and are about to see on a larger scale. Rusal the largest alumina producer and nalco are obviously interested in the technology and have not closed the doors on it as of yet. Independent tests of the process have not contradicted any of the claims that orbite has made.

Is the technology groundbreaking. Yes. Why?

a. it looks to be cheaper then the bayer process

b. i cant gaurantee its full enviornmental impact but I can almost gaurantee that it will be cleaner then the horrible bayer process.

c. added benefits of fly ash (horrible coal by product), rare earths, silica etc...


Next question. Is the company well funded. Answer yes and I think that is testament to the points mentioned above.

Is orbite currently a safer investment then a dividend paying stock. No. Does orbite have the potential to  easily double, triple, quadruple in stock price. Yes. And that is why I am investing in orbite as opposed to say a bank stock. In my mind the risk is become less and less each passing day and month and the potential reward keeps growing. 


The next question that you readers have to ask yourself is why some posters are spending all day commenting on bullboards for a stock that they dont particularly care for. Is it too protect potential investors from folly or more likely is it to plant seeds of doubt. Please click on the link below. It it not spam but an excellent article that I have read on zerohedge. It is about how bottom feeders in our society use areas like stockhouse to spread there negative propaganda trying to make a buck on other peoples misfortunes or doubts. Once again, I am not saying that questions should not be asked by investors but you should always try to think to your self. Why is  a relatively new poster coming on to the board, hanging out there all day and posting 12 times in one day and all the while imparting doubt on the stock.The answer is in the article below.



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