is there dilution?


how much has/will the HPA plant cost to build? 


burn rate has been say 250k/month....or a million a quarter...we have what- $40 some odd million in cash now with the plant almost finished? why was the debenture necessary if we have more than enough cash on hand with the plant about to start? I know they wanted to get cash in now equal to the amt that is due in next year from tax credits, but why if we have more than enough on hand?


I just want to understand that this in order to start to build the sga plant? is this to build another hpa plant?  is this because there will be a revenue lag with HPA until it is all up and proven running and we need to have more money NOW for the build of sga or another hpa?


just asking ...any positive help on this is welcome....especially from dalesio...or gegetrane...