As many of us do know the equipment being commissioned is not from what I see special custom fabrication it is the application and processing that is unique to Orbite. It is and has been used in many refineries around the world . Two of which I have been involved with years ago.

Regardless of the PEA which shows a robust mine and refinery the results I have seen albeit with different metals, have seen profitability in short order with as much as $300 million in revenues after the 14 month start up enough to focus on a second refinery. This is from a senior well established company with deep pockets. In the case of Orbite, they are in my view going to grow and these growing pains should be more of a concern should they get out of hand or overly ambitious, Nothing wrong with ambition that a few major contracts or licensing deals which could rapidly boost the expected bottom line projections and future expansions.

Just sitting back looking at the wonderful progress!