If Short Interests were so in control why would they keep increasing their exposure and risk to short squeeze with SIR now more than 17 days?  Above 5 days is normally considered a high potential for short squeeze.


Why would they bother sending people here trying to convince us they are in control, recurrent blitz of systematic negative posts from same posters, trying to create sentiment of things taking too long while the company is moving at fast pace, etc., etc., etc.


Short Interests can also make mistakes and they have made a big one in persisting shorting as we are getting closer to HPA Plant start-up.  But since the CTO, they've never had a window to fully cover their short positions in the money, so they kept short selling instead.   And they will have to pay big price for this artificial capping they are doing at the very high price of increasing their exposure - hopefully for them they are "mitigating" a lot of their losses with long positions- not so sure about that...  They have been overconfident and over-greedy and they still are, but not for long. They have just been delaying the Stampede in trying to cap share price & adding short positions + increasing exposure to short squeeze.


Orbite has money to run the show; each of their HPA Plant brings $8.86 per share on the table, and up to $17 per share when including HP-silica revenues. First HPA Plant almost ready to start-up. 

Then, the data from the PEA, the min. NPV is 1.7 B to 7.7 B, but is not taking into account any of the latest significant improvement. This is at least $8.25 per share for each SGA Plant, and Orbite is planning to make 10 of them. So, expect the BFS to show further improved NPV numbers.

The company's current resource is expected to increase significantly; this should also be accounted for into the share price, and more importantly, the technology & patents. Nothing in the bank for Red Mud and Fly Ash businesses so far either. JVs with World top producers...


The rest of the month should be very interesting.





Short Interests are about to be officially back into

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Why the share price could easily go above 7.50 (not even considering short squeeze):

The exercise of those $4.50 warrants can also be for
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