"Imagine if ORT could use this technology in India or down South!! Should I send the link to ORT?



I'll keep that in mind next time I make a cuppa...

More importantly it shows the direction "new" technology, some needing materials which today are prohibitively expensive -- yes, Sc-- is heading.


For me, this saga has been distilled in to two bits: Offtake(s), and JVs. After which, into mid-2013(!!), free cash flow, profit, margin, that sort of thing; and not an 8% convertible debenture for FIVE years! Until then shorts rule, then in a moment may be clobbered.


Warrants at $4.50 extended for a year, 8% note with shares for $3.50 for five years, ORT truly is in bed with Bay St. at the retail fellow's expense. Or can these deals be explained in another way? And where is Qubec institutional investment? Have I missed Cassie, etc. taking a firm position?




PS The wonderful debenture announced 30.11.12 as I type is NOT on the ORT site, or did I miss it too!?