The exercise of those $4.50 warrants can also be forced after the share price is above $7.50 for 10 consecutive trading days, and this is also a real (and very likely) possibility. At the pace Orbite Aluminae is moving, this is clearly what they are targeting and more.   

For reference:


Exercise Price

 Expiry Date

Expected Outstanding Warrants       (as of Nov.11, 2012)

Cash for Orbite



 November 2012 


 $          280,413

New cash in


 November 2012 


 $        1,660,702

New cash in


 July 2013 


 $        3,450,000



 July 2012


 $                   -  



 July 2013* 


 $      40,429,688





 $      45,820,803


  * Forced exercise if share price is above $7.50 for 10 consecutive trading days


With last Friday private investment, it is a supplementary guarantee that they will not run out of gas, and that they have clear vote of confidence from 3 large Investment Companies from both Canada and USA, that made serious analysis and research about the Company.  This should be a real catalyst.


Share price had previously reached $5.45 with much less development level and streams of revenue as currently offered by Orbite.  Do you realize that the company is about to emerge from a junior to become a major producer of HP-alumina?  Then followed by large-scale production of smelting grade alumina, REE/RM, HP-silica. The only company to have developed an economically viable process for treating the Red Mud and their residues as well as fly ash allowing to transform waste into valuable resource.


SGA Plant 

All of the improvements since PEA was issued (the 20% opex reduction, especially the HP-silica revenues, the increased REE/RM extraction rate, etc.), aluminum price improving (alumina should follow), China constant pressure on REE/RM supplies to limit exports, possibility of using natural gas from next door source, etc. will translate into much higher SGA Plant NPV numbers.

Aluminum price now on an upward trend:

From the data from the PEA, the min. NPV is 1.7 B to 7.7 B, but is not taking into account any of the above significant improvement. This is at least $8.25 per share for each SGA Plant, and Orbite is planning to make 10 of them.  So, expect the BFS to show further improved NPV numbers. 


HPA Plant 

On the HPA Plant side, considering the HP-alumina alone, each HPA Plant brings $8.86 per share on the table, and up to $17 per share when including HP-silica revenues.  First HPA Plant almost ready to start-up.

Bottom line: Each HPA Plant @ 5 TPD HP-alumina (see assumptions f

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The company's current resource is expected to increase significantly; this should also be accounted for into the share price, and more importantly, the technology & patents.  Nothing in the bank for Red Mud and Fly Ash businesses so far either. JVs with World top producers...


International Recognition - Brazil / UC Rusal

According to that same very reliable source:

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So Mr. Market is clearly under-valuating the Company right now and there have been several reasons for this, but my take is that it cannot stay like this for very long. The numbers have to add up.  Each of these reasons are being removed one after the other.  The gap between the Company intrinsic value and share price is outrageously large - we are due for severe upward correction.  Wake up Mr. Market, you have been put to sleep for too long by the Short Interests.


Also, once the first HPA Plant is up and running, it is validating Orbite capability to further materialize the 2nd HPA Plant, the SGA Plants, Red Mud & Fly Ash businesses, and expectations and anticipation will reach another level.