gegetrane, I agree with you that we have all conditions to go well beyond warrant exercise price, and it could happen much faster than one can imagine.


Nakate: Don't forget to consider that the share price has been worked for several months and it has been a long, confidence-shaking, patience-consuming, etc. period, but this share price capping and driving down tentatives have been made at the cost of greatly increasing the Short Interest exposure to Short Squeeze (with SIR=approx 17 days), now extremely high at the eve of a successful start-up of the HPA Plant. 


This is very likely to fuel a rather rapid upward correction to where the share price should be with all of these developments and diversified streams of revenues and give value to the clean and low-cost Orbite technology, huge resources, amazing growth potential, lowest-cost smelter grade (and high-purity grade) alumina + no red mud, major supplier of HP-silica, pole position in REE/RM outside China +clean, Red Mud, Fly Ash. 




Nakate I don't agree.


I know I've been disappointed -still a bit in the red - with the SP action the last 18 months, but what's coming in

a few days/weeks will be a different kind of news from what we're used to receive from Orbite :


1. Revenues will start coming in $$$

2. The process will be definitely commercially proven

3. The clay resource will make the jump from dirt to riches

4. Orbite will no longer be only a research group, but a production Cie

5. Real clients for the HPA will finally be identified

6. The BFS will be published before the warrants deadline


Those will raise the SP at least over the $4.50 mark, rendering attractive the exercise of the warrants.