Hello Road.  I had actually gone back and read your "fog your perception" post, where you were also complaining about a "tough room". TheRoadNotTaken said:  

"incidious? not my intent.  to show that most acid is recycled through tried and true systems supplied my Outotec was my intent.


don't let 3 word aliases fog your perception."


I assure you that I look at what a poster says,  not how many words in his/her alias.  Let me just suggest to you that calling people "dumbas s" might be one reason you may get less than a warm reception.  I love the banter here, and the exchange of ideas, but I believe in respect.  By the way, "the" is the definite article, and does not count when tallying up the words in someone's alias.  But in your case, I'll make an exception because I do think that you  are not "RoadNotTaken",  from the content of your thoughtful posts.