What arguing ?? who is argueing ?/

   I mentioned that with what will come down with payables being owed, it was very likely that by year end they would announce new financing


as per my posts..





and my initial calculation before I found out from monaco that there nwill be 25 million in tax credits



"as far as the financials are concerned other than it looks like the plant when all is said and done will cost more than what was forecasted 25-30 million.

   They have about 43million in cash less 13 million in current liabilities which would be the progressive billing for the plant and equipment.which leaves about 30 million left.

At the end of plant completion I see about 10-15 million left and that will be 3 months from any potential revenue of any significance.

can you see more financing being needed and expected 1st qtr of 2013...I do.

This is another reason for the houses wanting to keep the price lower as they are expecting a knowck at the door.


I hope this time around they'll go for a convertible debenture or debt financing if they are able to convince the financiers of the profitability of the HPA plant.

Time will tell. "