Salut Pierre,

I did a few posts relating to the number of shifts ORT will use and it's impact on the number of production days.  The number of shifts will have a direct impact on the daily production level.   Assuming one shift is 40 h (or 42 h) of production, ORT will need 4 shifts to produce 24h/d-7d/w.

Since it is a start up, i wonder if they will start production using only 2 or 3 shifts and keep some time to facilitate making some production adjustments.

That ORT have 240 production days/ year or 340d/y  is not what is the most important.  To me it is more important that the quality of what ORT produce is the highest (5N and 6N rather than 4N) and the success at capturing rapidly a significant position on the HPA market. 

Bonne journée.