Tenacious1 (Doug),

First there is a big Market differences between SGA and HPA.

HPA is more of a specialty market (and niche market) were suppliers have to tailor production to very  specific needs.  The margins are very high but the market size is much more limited than the sga market.  With a production of 10 tpd (or  2 HPA plant ) ORT need to capture about 15 % of the total worldwide HPA market (and many customers are state owned by China). 

The SGA market is a commodity market and  it's size is huge.   With 10 SGA plants, ORT is targeting to supply only half the Alumina needs of the Quebec based Aluminum plants.   Selling price might be only $325/t, but ORT will have a production direct cost around $210  (possibly 20 % better) and all the by-products for free.   With reduced transportation costs for the customers, ORT have strong competitive advantages in this "main stream" market.  

Second, yes on a strategic and financial basis ORT don't need to have any JV's to develop the HPA market.   ORT should have enough cash to build a second HPA plant (or double the size of Cap Chat plant) during 2013 ...