" Consult with your own financial advisor before making decisions".

This is the most overused phrrse in making investment decisions. Especially for those that do their own DD and have a higher risk tolerance than most. 
Those financial advisers such as Alice on BNN are relaying talking points that are generally accepted in the community and BNN would not allow her or she would not be invited if she did not stand by those talking points.
As I mentioned before, BNN is strictly a shill of bay street and strictly echo the talking points they have been handed and would not allow any dissenting opinions.
Have you ever heard them discuss the fact that JPM is under investigation by the CFTC for silver rpice manipulation and the fact that they control the market by having 80% of the short position.
Have you ever heard them discuss the the goings-on on the gold futures mainipulation...wouldn't that be of interest to Canada since canada is such a PM rich producer of these metals.
Of course not...they are far from being unbiased or of any journalistic integrity.