Sure, I wat a year, because I average up, but I'll have bought more in the two Qs prior because ORT's first steady state numbers will be in the Q2 financial report with pointers to Q3. Q1 reort, April(?) will, as well, pont to Q3. So, I'll average up, even then the upside will be terrific, but as BNN quacks, " the easy money will have been made."

Regarding BNN, I early on (not early enough) realized its mostly an infomercial at best, a pump and dump at worst, sometimes good/great, eg. Brent Cook, rare though; and not a business news site worthy of the name (think NBC v Bloomberg).

Believe what you will, decide how you do, but if you're lazy or confused or iindecisive find three things about ORT: political jusrisdiction's stability; nature of resource, and IRR.

Take control of your decision.