Thank you short sellers and negative analysts! You allowed me to pick up some shares over the last six months that would have been out of my reach otherwise. And BNN / Alice... maybe you gave me the chance to pick up a few more :)  This company is going somewhere fine... it will just take a little more time... but not much. Love the energy of the company! Thank you RB!! Great mind, huge vision!!

The great thing with this company is that it will thrive if the world economy grows and it will thrive if the world economy skrinks. With its superior cost structure, it is the other companies that will be scrambling if there is economic chaos. Also the red mud remediation is a huge, huge benefit.

And special thanks to all the amazing contributors here: Protonman, pierre101, originals, Nakate, vman1000, electrowing, dollpartz, clubhouse19, Dr. Sig, GlennAS, MoneyCristo, upndown77, driftwood57, cvigarito, commeilfaut, Katheryn1, EnoxHammer, jorg, Voilo, gegetrane, and especially Alumina1. Wow... even though there are many more to add to this list, that is an impressive list. And the information that all of you produce is truly astounding!! Thank you so much!

Best wishes for a grand weekend! Let the commissioning begin!