For the people who are sitting on the side lines thats there choice,  I can see how some people won't mind paying more for something that be be a little more sure in 2-3 weeks  maybe a month whatever but the way I'm looking at this investment,  these people in round #'s have invested around 50 mil on this current plant.  I suggest for those of you who are still wanting to see it work on a full scale production before you dive in maybe to think about all of the anaylst who have done there DD and who have 8-10 $ targets and the fact that like I have said  50 mil,  You gotta have a pretty good idea that its going to work the way you plan on it working to just go ahead and dump 50 mil in.    Thats why i'm in now   maybe i'm greedy but the way i'm looking at it is  lets say your in now at 2.50   at 10 bucks  you got a 4 bagger    if you wait untill tottaly proven  your not getting in at 2.75  3.00 or even  3.5   it will pop to at least 5 bucks real quick   then if it gets to 10 bucks you only have a 2 bagger    Maybe i'm greedy   but  4 bagger  vs 2 bagger   Big differance   especially on something that I think most of the risk has already been removed !