More commentary... we talk about the markets but really, there are multiple markets.  There is a market where people (investors) do what Nakate and others of his ilk do.... and then there is the day trade market, where the study is of the numbers, not the companies (in and out every day, doesn't matter whether it is Potash or ORT or WPT), and there is the market where it is just a gamble... like the casino... there's some excitement now, or there is some excitement over here, so I'm gonna put my money down and roll the dice.  And then there just possibly is another market where the select few get the inside track with news that precedes the public announcement, where it's not a casino at all but instead pretty uch a sure thing... it will be interestig to see if there is news over the weekend, and if so, what does that tell you about today's big buyers... man they are lucky!