It's pretty sad!  With the help of IR, Boards like this one, and the hard and tedious study and analysis of many smart prople, we know what colour the walls will be in the plant, what shift Fred will work, and what make and model of broom will be used to sweep the floors.  And the share price goes down.  Yet, let there be a hint of news, without a clue as to what that news is, or let the share price rise a few cents on high volume, and it's once again a flurry of activity driving the price up.  That's great, particularly because it has already been driven down to levels where on any conservative basis it clearly does not belong, but... it sure tells me that people believe, and are just waiting for confirmation.  I agree with Nakate... a shame that there are not more investors who will put up their money and sit back and let it ride while it happens... but that's the market we want, not the one we have.