Not sure about that antonanus,

The world needs to know, it is a life or death issue, we must repeat it ad nauseam, what we need is offtakes... or jvs... or maybe jvs and then offtakes, we will never say it enough. So much people depend on us to tell the truth, a chance that we are participing to this BB. Imagine the world without our dedicated implication on SH.

Jv and offtake
offtake and Jv

Keep on the good work, people depend on us for their investing decision, you are a king and very vey respected here because of all these insghtfull information you provide on a regular basis! Jvs and offtakes.

... or offtake and jvs


Ps: we need a jv... and/or an offtake

see ya



dont need or seek "praise", but I do want this board to be a little more realistic.